Poem For My Wonderful Mom! <3

To My Wonderful Mother    


A shining face;

The perfect image of grace;

A servant’s heart;

And a knack for art;

Obeys the voice of the Lord;

Had a solution when you’re bored;

A love for nature;

Her family is her treasure;

Loves to read her Bible;

Is someone who’s reliable;

A detailed planner;

Could design you a banner;

Loves a hot bath;

A whiz at math;

In Scrabble she’s unbeatable;

Her cooking is unbelievable;

Knows how to sew;

Can fix an injured toe;

Can stop a baby’s cry;

She’s had five kids, so I wonder why?

Is full of compassion;

A book is her attraction;

A loyal wife;

She’s with Dad for life;

Gifted in music;

At your side when you’re sick;

Loves to see the sites;

Enjoys a stormy night;

Makes the best sweet tea;

Could totally win a spelling bee;

Our homeschool teacher;

She’s right there when we need her;

A friend to the end;

Loves the caramel and chocolate blend;

Could grow you a rose;

And might just spray you with the water hose!

Makes you welcome in her home;

Could write a pretty poem;

Loves to sit and talk;

Enjoys a long quiet walk;

Can sense when something’s wrong;

Will hold you while you cry, no matter how long;

But what I love best;

Is that in Christ, she is steadfast;

This is my mom,

And guys, she’s the bomb!

~By: Megan Hensley          Mother’s Day Gift: 2014


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