The Way to My Heart

There are lots of things that make my heart smile and could be labeled as “ways to my heart”. Examples would be a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks maybe, ice cream (specifically the most chocolate loaded thing you can find…just make sure there are sprinkles on whatever it is. That’s a MUST.), a handwritten letter or drawn picture, or a hug.

A couple other ways, and probably the biggest ways, to my heart are through music, smiles, and laughter.

Whenever I discover my future husband someone can tell him these things for me! ;D

   If someone can make me laugh and smile…if someone is comfortable enough to tease me, I can tease them back, and we can laugh about it, they’ve found their way into my heart.

If someone loves music as much as I do and we can pass the time singing, dancing, and playing instruments, they’ve found the way to my heart; and chances are we’ll laugh and smile throughout.😉



Yesterday was one of those days where my heart was completely engaged and “all in” at Wiphan.

The day started with making copies for mom while she prepared letters for the students to write to their sponsors. I helped out some with their letter writing explaining this word or that…

After a while, we ate lunch and I got out my guitar at someone’s request. We tinkered around a bit and it ended in about 10 different kids taking turns “playing the guitar”. Then I sat in the office and played guitar with Richard, an employee, for a while.

After this, I joined the hospitality class for their time of singing.






Before we went into class, I visited with some of the students; learning more about them…their names, about their families, etc. (they’re a new class). I told them a funny story about one of my nicknames which opened up a time of sharing funny stories about names. We ended up laughing together for a number of minutes!!


After going into class, we all stood in a U shape around the classroom. I stood next to my good friend Emily, and Madam Getrude (the teacher) stood in front to lead all of us in song.

We sang and danced for at least 30 minutes! During this time, we had the biggest laugh of the day! Two of the guys in the class were dancing in such a hilarious fashion that even Emily was unable to contain her laughter and was holding onto me for support so she didn’t fall down. Madam Getrude was also laughing and later tried to imitate their dance moves in an attempt to tease them. Haha…

Madam decided to tease me next in front of the whole class. She was speaking in Bemba and I couldn’t quite understand everything, but Emily was translating for me. Everyone was laughing and it was embarrassing, but ultimately just very funny. I love Madam Getrude so much!! She’s found her way into my heart in every respect. ^_^



I left the classroom shortly after music time and went outside to find my mom teaching different staff members what a back massage was and proceeding to show them how it’s done. She began massaging Mamma Monica, the 70(ish) year old cook, who then proceeded to point out the specific places she wanted mom to massage her. Haha!


I found a few of the kids I enjoy spending time with: Mike, Evaristo, Davis, Cornelius, Cathrine, Cecilia, and others and we had a fun time together!

Mike and Evaristo showed off their head-standing skills and of course they all wanted me to take “one picture”…which of course turned into far more than one. ;D I love these sweet kids!! 10 year old Mike just made my day when he hugged me and said “I love you so much Megan!”. ❤

I found myself back in the office playing my guitar shortly after this. Pastor Aaron (one of our dearest friends) came into the office as well, grabbed his guitar, and decided we should be a duo.


Mamma Monica, Mom, Richard, and Mary (another employee) joined us and the 6 of us played, sang, and danced to a number of different Bemba songs. From where I was sitting I could see out the window and saw we had attracted a small crowd of people and a few students who were listening to us and singing along from a distance. What a special and unforgettable moment this was!!!❤ And thanks to my sweet mom, most of it is documented on video.😄

Yesterday was one of those days where when I would take a moment to reflect, all I could think was “God you are indeed an AWESOME God!” I’m beyond grateful to Him for bringing me to Zambia!

I laughed and smiled so much!! I spent a great deal of time singing, playing guitar, and dancing…Nothing could’ve made the day better!❤