My Day at Wiphan

June 2, 2015

Being at Wiphan 2-4 times a week helps a lot in learning names and developing solid relationships.  Each of us have our sphere of people that we spend time with while there, and as time goes on, our spheres grow. Here’s a snippet of how today went for me… When we arrived at Wiphan, the ones of us who were there (Alex and Jack stayed home) immediately ran into Mamma’s (Monica, the cook) kitchen to greet her! She always welcomes us with open arms, and a lovely smile! Dad headed off to visit with Pastor Aaron, and the rest of us stayed with Mamma for a little while. She and Mom were beautifully and harmoniously singing a song in Bemba together while I went and greeted some of the other teachers and staff… Me: “Mwashibukeni BaMary” (Goodmorning Mary!) Ba Mary: “Megan! Emkwai, mwabukashani mukwai?” (Megan! yes, How are you this morning?) Me: “Bwino mukwai. Mwabukashani?” (Fine, and how are you?) Ba Mary: “Ahh..Bwino!” (Ahhh…I am fine!) (“Ba” is a term of respect, similar to our ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’) And so it went similarly with everyone: Ba Joseph, Ba Lillian, Pastor Aaron, Ba Catherine, Ba Evelyn….and so on. Just greeting everyone brings a smile to my face! Later on, I went back into the kitchen with Mamma and enjoyed a nice cup of tea. We then also began singing together and dancing about the room while she cooked! =) The students were on break around this time, so I was able to go and greet the ones I know and learn a few new names! My mom spent a great deal of time laughing and learning the names of a group of smiley boys. =) When break time was over, some of the ladies showed up with a live chicken which was to be cooked for their lunch. I offered to help them butcher it, so my next half-hour was spent gutting, plucking feathers, and cutting a chicken! Some of my best friends so far in Zambia are some kids in the hospitality class. I say kids..most of them are 18 or older. They always come extra early to class to visit and study. They arrived during the time I was killing the chicken. So, after completing my task, I went outside and spent the rest of my time with Brenda, Winford, Charles, Gasper, and Helen (the others weren’t there yet)! We laughed and joked, took funny pictures, sang, etc. Andy and Cameron even joined us for a bit. Charles was having fun quizzing the boys on their math and reading skills on the chalkboard. And the boys, in return, had fun writing their names for him and writing math problems of their own. We were all having an excellent time! We paused for lunch, and then resumed our fun for a few minutes before I had to go. Every time I visit Wiphan, I don’t want to leave! I come away happy and blessed every time! Can’t wait ’til next time!


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