Article 6: 28/8/15


From Left: Happy, Boyd, Victoria, Me, Blessing, and Immanuel

The last month here in Zambia has been full of exciting and worth-telling events! God has done amazing things in my life, and the lives of others this month! I’ve spent time painting little girls’ toenails, taking selfies with friends, making new friends in my neighborhood, playing futball in our yard and at Wiphan, developing stronger relationships with other missionaries here, and so much more! It’s been a busy month! However, I want to delve more deeply into four main events from last month.
At the beginning of July, a team of ladies from the states, along with one of their young daughters, came here to Ndola for a week. During their stay, we spent extensive time at each of Wiphan’s three schools, visited the market, and walked through the village of Nkwazi.
One of my favorite moments of their stay would be during the walk in Nkwazi. We were visiting the home of a Wiphan student and quite a number of kids had followed us. The young girl who had come on the trip had practiced motions to a Christian song she knows; and her mom decided to have her perform for the audience of children in the middle of the village! It was sweet to watch the kids attempt to imitate her motions and sing along to the music.
Another highlight of my month would be a Sunday afternoon singing with friends. After church service, my friends and I had four hours of free time. Here in Zambia, everyone loves music! Music is such a large part of their culture, and happens to be one of my passions as well. So what we chose to do was spend those four hours singing all sorts of songs, Bemba and English, while we exchanged piano and guitar duties. I truly can’t express how enjoyable that time was! The talented voices and ability to pick up any harmony these teens and young adults possess is beyond description! I truly could’ve been with them all day long! The only negative about the whole thing was coming home, after nearly two hours on guitar, and not being able to move my thumb, but it was entirely worth it! That day is a memory which I will never forget…
This past week, our family made a short day-trip to a small game park called Nsobe. While there, all of us held a seven-foot python and other (smaller) harmless snakes!
We also went on a game drive where we saw giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and a few different species of antelope. When we returned from the drive we finished off the day fishing in the lake. It was wonderful to spend that day as a family, relaxing and seeing new parts of Zambia!
The final focal point I want to discuss is regarding a conversation with a boy named Ringson. It sequentially happened before most of my other events, but I saved the best until last.
I have mentioned the Inshila Program in previous articles, but I’ll quickly explain again. Wiphan schools end with grade seven; therefore, secondary students must attend government schools to complete their education. The Inshila program sponsors these former Wiphan students while they complete secondary school. Once a month, Wiphan has a meeting where all the students in this program come together giving Wiphan staff the opportunity to check on the well-being of these students and encourage them in the Scriptures.
At the July meeting, my parents tag-teamed and shared a full picture of salvation through Jesus Christ with the Inshila students.
My mom shared with the student what things don’t bring salvation (going to church, doing good things, etc.) and why. Following this, my dad shared what does bring salvation. He shared how we are saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. Dad explained that salvation begins when we realize our need for a Savior. When we realize the vastness of our sins and confess those to Christ out of a heart of true repentance and brokenness; when we surrender our lives to our Lord Jesus Christ in faith and ask Him to guide us, then we have accepted God’s gift of salvation. Christ is the only answer. It is through Him, and Him alone, that we are saved.
Two boys, Luke and Ringson, spoke up and asked my parents a few questions during the meeting. Once the meeting was over, I approached the two boys and asked if they understood everything my parents had shared. Luke said he understood, while Ringson said he did not.


From Left: Luke, Patrick (behind), Ringson, Me

I proceeded to have a very long conversation with these two boys. Ringson asked numerous questions. They weren’t always easy to answer, but I thank the Lord for helping me!
He asked me questions such as: “If we ask God for something, will he give it to us?” and “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” (to name a couple).
It was an excellent discussion which ended in us standing in a circle, holding hands, and praying together. Ringson was sincerely desirous to surrender his life to God and was asking me what to do and to help him. When we had finished praying, Ringson’s eyes were blankly staring off into the distance as he said, “Wow, I feel like a different person!”
I can’t speak to his heart, for only God knows its condition, but I truly believe I gained a new brother in Christ that day! My joy was overflowing and even a few tears streamed unobserved down my face.
As I reflect on this past month, so many memories have been made which will last a lifetime. God has done so much for me. My life is an adventure with new experiences at every turn! I’m thankful to be able to share them with you.
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