The Beginning of Rainy Season

The seasons are changing here in Zambia. We’re now entering the rainy season! Before I moved to Zambia I thought there were just two seasons here: rainy and dry; but I’ve learned there are actually 3 seasons: dry/cold, dry/hot, and rainy…However, unlike the four seasons in the U.S. which are each about 3 months long, the rainy season takes up 6-7 months of the year while the hot season last two months and the cold season three. They aren’t given specific dates for their beginning and end like they are in the U.S. though; so when each season “begins” and “ends” is just a general term.

We moved here at the tail-end of the last rainy season. It rained a few times throughout our first couple months here and tapered off in early May, remaining dry up until now. Mid-October we had a VERY light sprinkle of rain…I mean LIGHT sprinkle! I stood outside for 2 minutes and only felt 3 drops of rain; but it didn’t matter! It was RAIN!!!! My youngest brother was so excited he hugged our dog really tightly said, “SAMMY!!!! It’s RAINING!!!” and tried to drag Sammy off our veranda into the “rain”.

A week or so later, the same thing happened: a light sprinkle hardly worthy of being called a rain… But then, in the last week, it’s REALLY started raining. The other night we even had loud thunder and lightning close by! I’ve always been the kind of person who sleeps better when it’s raining, and they last few nights it’s rained while I’ve slept. I’m so grateful for this new season that we are experiencing; mostly for the first time…

My friend and I were talking about the weather’s change today: how the air already has a fresher smell, the temperature has fluctuated more, and how beautiful the breeze throughout the day is! Yes, we talked about the weather in this much detail (and more). This is how excited we are about the rain after being “rain-deprived” for 6 months! 😉

My brothers have already enjoyed the new creatures that come with the rains (such as the giant millipedes); and even Zenia was saying today how she loves seeing all of God’s creativity in creatures like insects during the rainy season and showed me this GORGEOUS, tiny, rainbow-colored beetle.

10999317_10204755493588330_4571380655946616183_n IMG_2573

So far, I’m very much enjoying this new (for us) season. Perhaps by the end of the season in March or April I’ll be excited for the rains to stop, but right now I’m just enjoying this weather! Not to mention, the more it rains the closer we get to the dams filling up and Zambia having less power cuts due to load-shedding…

Thank you Lord for the rains! And PLEASE keep them coming!

(I wish I had pictures of the sky before the rains…but I don’t unfortunately… =P)

IMG_2647 IMG_2649