We’re Back in Zambia

Our family has been back in Zambia for 2 weeks now. I apologize for not posting an update quicker. Life and jet-lag have gotten in the way.😉

Jet-lag hit us pretty hard this time around. It took us all a full week or more to get to where we weren’t lying awake in bed until 3am and then sleeping through alarms until very late in the morning.

Thankfully we are over that horrible side-effect of traveling and have been able to been able to be at Wiphan and interact with the team currently here from the U.S..


It’s been wonderful to be back at Wiphan and reunite with all the people we hold so dear there.❤

Seeing Mike and Cornelius (the two young boys I’ve bonded so closely with) was such a special moment for me!! Cornelius came around a corner and was so surprised to see me he actually stopped in his tracks and just stared at me with a big smile for a few seconds before running to give me the biggest, longest hug ever and telling me he missed me multiple times…

I missed you too Cornelius..!!

Cornelius then ran off hollering, “MIKE! MIKE! Megan alaisa!! Megan alaisa” (Megan has come! Megan has com) 

Mike showed up moments later, jumped in my arms, and didn’t part from me the rest of the day. Ohmyheart!!❤ Can I just adopt these two sweet boys??

I’ve also been able to reunite with hospitality students as well as meet a new class. It’s been so exciting to see old friends and meet new friends!

Along with being back at Wiphan, there is a team here from the U.S. including 4 people ages 15-19. I’ve had a blast hanging out with them since they’ve been here; playing cards, watching them perform skits, and hearing their testimonies. They’re definitely a fun team!

We did have a rather sad moment as some of our dearest missionary friends moved back to the U.S. this week. Seeing them off at the airport was definitely a negative highlight of our week. But we know God has a plan for their lives! We just miss them terribly here…

The last few weeks in Zambia have been exciting and full of becoming re-acclimated to the culture…and to speaking Bemba again.

Look forward to more adventures to share soon!!