The Southern Cross

All of my life I have wanted to see the Southern Cross! I remember studying constellations in astronomy and wondering, “Will I ever be in the Southern Hemisphere and get to see the Southern Cross?”

Well, I guess that’s a yes! When my parents told us we would be moving to Zambia; granted, the constellation wasn’t one of my first thoughts as so many others were swirling in my head, but within the day I realized, “Hey!! I’ll get to see the Southern Cross!!!!”

Don’t ask me why it’s always fascinated me, for I truly do not know. It’s nothing super flashy really, just four stars in the shape of a diamond. Yet, the Southern Cross is simple, very pronounced, and easy to see. But I guess that’s the beauty of it…


My first night in Zambia, I didn’t look out at the stars. I was too tired and fell asleep at 5pm.. =P However, almost every night since, I peek out from wherever I am; my bedroom, the veranda, our car, etc. and view the night sky in search of my longed-for constellation. And every night it is there, shining brightly among all the other stars.

Since being here in Zambia I have realized what a beautiful parallel the Southern Cross in the sky is to Christ.

Referring back to its simplicity yet easy distinction, I realize that Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him is the same way! Salvation is simple, not easy (two very different words!). All we must do is genuinely realize our need for a Savior, admit we are sinners, and ask Jesus to be Lord in our lives. That’s all. If our salvation is real, then much more will follow, but that is all we must do. It’s simple. It’s nay not the most attractive or desirable thing from a worldly standpoint, just like the Cross in the sky is only four simple stars…. “Living a life surrendered to God? Having to follow all those rules and never have fun?” that’s how some people see it…but oh how wrong they are!!! Life with Jesus Christ as Lord of your life is beautiful! Beautiful and simple… Which leads me to my next point….

What do I mean by Christ is easily distinguishable? Well, as I look in the night sky, I see thousands of stars. Some are brighter than others. Some are dim, but many are visible. Even still, it is easy to spot the Southern Cross. It’s easy to recognize.

As I look at the world around me, it’s easy to see God’s hand in it all. No “Big Bang” or any other “theory” could’ve created all this. It’s easy to see God in creation! His name is written all over it! However, there are so many other stars in the sky. So many other more attractive stars; more intricate constellations and designs. It’s easy to look at the stars and overlook the Southern Cross. Though easily visible, it’s may not the thing that catches the eye first. Just like Christ when he was on earth….Again I say, a relationship with Jesus Christ is beautiful, it’s spectacular, it’s awesome! God is not some bright, flashy, pop star coming in with loud-speakers and bass guitars! No, God reveals himself in simple ways; simple yet attractive. And that is the beauty of it…

It’s up to us to see and appreciate the beauty in the Southern Cross, just like it’s up to us to care enough to discover and truly appreciate the beauty in Christ…


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