Power Outages, Friends, and Some Laughs!

June 30th, 2015

Hi guys! I’ve got some funny stuff to share with you and some serious stuff. This past week has proved to include both. So here we go!

As a lot of you may have seen on Facebook, we have had very little power the last couple weeks. As in, it’s been out anywhere from 4-14 hours at a time, sometimes daily! Thankfully power was on almost all weekend!

With that said, our week has been a little more adventurous than was anticipated! When the power goes, so does most of the water…And the little water we have, we have to use sparingly because we never know when the power will return!

Cooking becomes a “19th century and before” event, where charcoal is lit outdoors and food is cooked there. We have a single-burner propane stove that helps too.

With the power outage frequency and unpredictability, we are constantly taking advantage of the precious time the power is on! “Everyone take a shower or bath and then fill the tubs with water!” “Let’s get a soup made before the power goes out again!” “Start a load of laundry and iron any clothing that you might need!” “Someone please fill the water filter!” “Make sure all computers, iPods, and rechargeable flashlights are plugged in!” “COFFEEEEE!!!”


Anyway, the moment God says to ZESCO “Let there be light” I think everyone sees that it is good! 😉

The other night, the power had been out ALL day; about 13 hours at this point…When the power goes out, the bathrooms immediately lose all water. So, we have to manually fill the back of the toilet with water to flush it, hence the store of water in the tub. So, obviously it was dark. Only one candle was lit in there; and I wasn’t sure if any water was in the back of the toilet or not. You know, maybe someone had filled it up. Anyway, I grabbed the one candle, and……you know those moments when you *facepalm because you did something so dumb? That’s the kind of moment I’m about to recount to you…I grabbed the candle on its stand and tilted it sideways to check the water level in the toilet. I honestly don’t remember whether there was any in there or not…All I remember is seeing a whole lot of candle wax pour into the toilet and all over the toilet seat!! Yeah, told you it was one of those *facepalm moments! Why on earth did I not think, “There is melted wax in this candle. Tipping it over is NOT a good idea.”? Needless to say, I had a rather unpleasant job to do.

Yesterday, the power went out at about 5:40 a.m. Mom and Dad were gone for the morning, so I prepared breakfast. Just a little FYI, it gets COLD here in the mornings and evenings this time of year! The gas stove was out of propane, so I had to lite the charcoal and cook outside…huddled in fluffy socks, house shoes, and a shawl wrapped tightly around me! haha… We ALL drank a cup of tea or coffee this morning to stay warm!

My week hasn’t been all surrounded by power outages though! Goodness no! Despite that annoyance, the week has been pretty good!

Saturday was Inshila meeting (see “The Greatest Education” where I explain what “Inshila” is). This month, we divided up boys and male leaders from the girls and female leaders and had our own separate meetings.

I can’t speak for the boys, but the girls’ meeting went really well! For privacy sake, I won’t share specifics; but many topics were discussed and many questions were asked by the girls. The main focus of our separate time was to give the girls an opportunity and safe-haven to ask questions regarding anything which they may not understand, or to share struggles they have and need help with.

The girls were very open and asked lots of questions! One girl’s story brought me to tears and at other points, tears almost came.  All in all, I’d say it went really well! I’m happy the girls are comfortable and open with my mom and the teachers!

We also had some time with our neighbor friends this week! Everyone is within shouting distance of each other, so all we have to do is shout a certain call to summon our friends. It’s almost like a secret language! There is a different call for each group of kids. If we want the kids at the farm across the road, we shout in a different way than if we want the kids to our left. And if they want us, we know what sound to listen for. This really comes in handy!


When they come to play, I always end up filling up the memory on my iPod with pictures and videos! Everyone loves to sing for the camera and pose for a picture or 2 or 10.. 😉 Some of them even like to be the cameraman and take pictures of me or each other! haha…


One of them was using my iPod for the first time when he accidentally switched it to selfie mode. He just sat there holding the camera at all different angles making faces at himself!!! Haha! If only he had actually taken pictures of those faces!


On Sunday afternoon, only a few kids were able to play, so we only had enough people for a 3 on 3 game of futball. They are definitely helping my futball skills improve! Especially playing in such small numbers where I receive the ball a lot! We actually won! =D

We also spent time at Wiphan during the week. I was able to help Mamma cook and serve food in the kitchen, and then spend time with teachers and students! I had a nice time with my friends in hospitality, and also taking pictures of a fun group of boys!

These boys were challenging each other seeing who could tolerate sunlight being reflected onto their arm the longest! Proof boys are the same all over the world! lol! Always posing some sort of “man-challenge.” 😉


Yes, life is a journey! Every day presents itself with trials and excitements quite its own. Viewing life, viewing every day, as a unique gift from God has added so much joy to my life! I start each day with my Bible and prayer; asking God to guide my steps as I embark on the path He has laid out for me today. By God’s grace, my relationship with Him is definitely increasing and growing stronger. I smile up at Him nearly every day because something makes me realize that I am right where I belong at this stage of my life!


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