Three Teens and a Bible

A new believer in Christ was sitting beside me; a small notebook in hand flipping through pages filled with words written in red pen.

As I glanced at the words on the pages, I saw Bible verses and references; verses from numerous books of the Bible written out word for word. Next to some of these verses I saw questions and notes he had written. Some of these questions were referring to confusion about how certain verses could coexist and all be true. Some were simply a question mark to imply the verse confused him.

On a page all to itself, he had a list of other questions he wanted to ask regarding salvation, humans being made in the image of God, Bible translations, and other questions.

As I sat next to Ringson (click if you don’t know who this is) looking at what he had written over the past month I was convicted and encouraged.

I was encouraged because I saw a young man my age on fire for the Lord! I saw someone who desired to know and understand the Scriptures and their truths! I saw someone who was more worried about spending time in God’s Word and asking questions about God’s Word than sharing about finishing 9th grade and passing his exams (a BIG deal)!

This encouraged me, yes; but it also convicted me. Am I spending as much time in God’s Word as I should be? Am I diligently studying the Bible and taking note of verses I didn’t understand while earnestly seeking to find the answers to my questions? Am I putting my love for reading God’s Word and God Himself above my love for sharing about other things going on in my life?

These questions played over and over in my mind while I sat between Ringson and Luke (the other young man always a part of our discussions) talking to them about Scripture. Here I was, the person who they have been coming to with their questions to seek answers, yet I’m not being nearly as diligent in my study of the Bible as they are. Maybe Luke didn’t have a book of notes like Ringson did, but just in his speech and the thoughts he shared, there was no doubt he too had been actively reading God’s Word.

I was convicted of not putting my Savior at the priority level to which He is beyond deserving…at that priority level to which He is deserving is that of FIRST in my life.

After the Inshila meeting on Saturday, as is our usual routine, Ringson, Luke, and I went immediately outside to sit and talk. We had a decent allotment of time to read through different parts of God’s Word and to talk and discuss some very difficult questions, but it wasn’t nearly long enough. I had to leave at a point where we could’ve talked and discussed (and even calmly debated) for hours longer.

Mom joined our conversation for a short time at the end, for which I was thankful and happy to have her far wiser insight! As we were leaving, we directed the two boys to one of Wiphan’s two pastors who was going to be there a bit longer if they wanted to talk to him also.

Maybe God is using me as a tool to disciple and encourage Ringson and Luke…but he’s also using Ringson and Luke to encourage, grow, convict me, and draw me closer to Him!

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