Busy, Busy, Busy! Fun, Fun, Fun!

June 20, 2015

This has been such a full week! I’ve done everything from stuff shirts in bags, saute dried fish, and walk through market, to butchering chickens and having lunch with friends!

A team of wonderfully sweet teachers from Georgia have been here with Wiphan this week; so we’ve spent a lot of time going around with them to different places and getting to know them better! Here’s a synopsis of some highlights this week…


We attended church with Pastor Aaron from Wiphan, as did the teachers. The service was beautiful and welcoming as usual. =)

After service, we went on a walk through the nearby village of Nkwazi. Oh how I enjoyed this walk!! We recognized many, many faces as Wiphan students or people who come to Wiphan for water.

Some of the teachers were able to meet the kids they sponsor, which was truly a beautiful and emotional sight! Many of the village children joined us on our walk. We left Wiphan a group of 15 or so, and arrived back at Wiphan a group of 40-50!!

One of my super sweet little buddies, Mike, held my hand throughout the whole walk. He followed us back to Wiphan where he stayed right with me. He didn’t join the other kids who were having fun taking pictures…Nope, he stayed right by me! He even fixed the strap on my sandal for me…It came undone and I stood on one leg to fix it, but before I could, he grabbed my foot, fixed my sandal, and placed my foot gently on the ground!


We went to eat dinner with the teachers after this where I enjoyed a WONDERFUL conversation with Mrs. Tami, one of the teachers, and her son, Skyler, who also came along on the trip. It was so fun to get to know all the teachers that evening! =)


Our family went to Wiphan Nkwazi as we often do on Tuesdays. I spent the morning helping Mamma (Monica, the cook) in the kitchen; cutting tomatoes, tearing pumpkin leaves for a side dish, making tea, and other little odd jobs she assigned for me.

I was hoping my friends in the hospitality class would arrive while I was there so I could introduce Skyler to them. However, the day went on and they didn’t show up! I finally called my friend, who literally screamed out of excitement when she found out it was me on the other end of the phone.! 😉 lol… She told me what time class started and by the time we left, I was able to see her and two of my other friends and introduce them to Skylar. I’m so grateful that God gave me some good friends in that class! =) I’m kind of like the “unofficial member” of the class…joining them for their opening time occasionally and spending a majority of my time in their classroom.


My parents spent the morning at Wiphan Mapalo, and in the evening the teachers, Skylar, and our friend Anna (who also works at Wiphan) came over for supper. We again had some really fun visit time!


The line, “Good morning campers! Rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties cuz it’s cold outside!” would’ve been completely appropriate this particular morning…We left the house by 7:15 to meet Anna, BaKathryn (‘COO’ of Wiphan), and the teachers.

One thing you outta know, the weather here is super nice; but early in the morning and in the evening (during this time of year) it is cold!! Everyone was bundled in jackets on the drive to Wiphan Westbourne, located 30 minutes away on this chilly morning!

I spent my morning there helping BaFebby, the cook, prepare kapenta (a small type of fish) and cut vegetables.


I spent time with Alex (my brother) and Skyler, playing futball (soccer) with some of the children there. The kids told me: “Awe icisungu! Iwe icibemba!” (‘No speaking English! You speak Bemba!’) So I proceeded to speak in Bemba (as much as I could 😉 ) with them. We had such a fun time! I can’t wait til I’m fluent in the language!


Afterwards, Mom and I joined the the teachers, BaKathryn, and Anna for a quick trip to the market where we mainly looked at icitenge fabric, which is used for skirts here. We met the ladies at one of the malls beforehand. I ran into a couple different stores for mom where I enjoyed some fun conversations that helped enhance my Bemba skills! =D



We left in the morning for Wiphan Nkwazi where they were having a teacher’s conference. My plan was to sit in one of the offices and work on some school work, but it turned into a chicken-butchering party! haha…I helped Mamma (Monica) and a few other ladies butcher 10 chickens. Pastor Aaron and Skylar helped ‘behead’ them, and us ladies did the rest. 😉 I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside those ladies as we visited together!


Around noon, Dad, Skyler, Alex, two of my friends, and I went to lunch together. We had a fun time chatting about all different things! I enjoyed getting to know everyone better and learning more about Zambian culture! =D


We returned to Wiphan after this and I spent time visiting with some of my other friends who work there and the teachers. I also spent some time kicking the futball around with some of the kids!

All in all, I’d say it’s been a very enjoyable, and enlightening week! I wish I could express all the emotions and paint all the pictures of what we have been doing, but there seem to be no words grand enough to describe it all!

God is using this chapter of my life to grow me and teach me so many things! I’m so grateful to Him for seeing fit to bring me here!


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