Joy in the Crazy

I really don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say today has been one of the most random and crazy days of my life. I wouldn’t say it’s been the most “eventful“, but I think more “events” have happened in one day than I can ever recall…. (if that makes any sense) But I really want to focus on one point in my day…

I went to Wiphan Mapalo this afternoon and unexpectedly found two Wiphan Nkwazi students there playing futball. I joined the two guys and we took turns being goal keeper while the other two tried to kick a goal! They didn’t laughed at me too much even though I made some kicks worth laughing at! lol 😉 After a while, one of the teenage boys I was playing with showed me a letter he had written to the girl he liked. By this time, a teen girl had joined us also. The letter was half-English and half-Bemba, but I was able to understand it.

After reading this letter, we had an EXCELLENT discussion about relationships! Our game of futball turned into sitting on the massively dusty ground and talking together… How wonderful our talk was!! The three of them, Canaan, Benjamin, and Mildred, spoke only a bit of English and I speak only a bit of Bemba, so our discussion was a bit difficult, but we were able to figure it out! =)

Upon reading his letter, my first question to Benjamin was asking if he wanted to marry this girl. His response was a pretty emphatic “No!” I then asked him “Then why do you want her to be your girlfriend?” Part of his answer was because they both like each other, but the other part had something to do with money and I never could quite figure it out.

This prompted me to tell them how important it is to seek God in relationships! I expressed how easy it is to be tempted to do things we should save for marriage when we are in a relationship or like someone. Therefore, explaining how important it is to make sure our relationships are for the intent of marriage and not just for the fun of it! And most importantly, that our relationships are God-centered! I also told them that I myself have yet to have a boyfriend, and won’t until I see someone and realize I could marry that man! (Note: that isn’t to say I feel like ALL relationships MUST end in marriage, I’m just saying I won’t be in a relationship until I feel like it’s someone I potentially could marry AND my parents approve of him) As I was saying these things to them, Mildred kept nodding in agreement and Benjamin sat in silent, deep thought. Canaan expressions were a little harder to read, but he was the first to pipe up and say, “You are teaching me a lot!” Benjamin immediately, still staring in deep thought, followed up with, “Yes, I am learning much from you!” Mildred smiled across at me.

Benjamin said,  “I will go to church and pray to God about this girl!” I told him that was a very good decision, but reminded him he can pray ANY where at ANY time! God is everywhere and ALL the time! He is always with us! Canaan said, “So when I am walking to school I can be praying!”

I said, “Absolutely!!! You can pray while you are in bed, you can pray at school, you can even pray while you are playing futball!” I told them we could even pray together right now! We were about to do so in our little circle, but I ended up having to leave….I told Benjamin I would pray for him and I would copy some Bible verses in Bemba that might encourage him and maybe we could even pray together on his break at Nkwazi!

All three kids REALLY listened to what I had to say! And I really enjoyed listening to them!

This was by FAR the highlight of my day! Even with all the crazy going on and a throat so sore my voice is almost gone, God gave me that time with those three peers to share with them and build a stronger (maybe even lasting) bond with them! He also helped my voice to hold out strongly to be able to share… God IS good!!!!!!! I look forward to more conversations with these kids! And more adventures! =D


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