Series of ‘Unexpected’ Events

June 13, 2015

I like to plan my days. Sometimes they go according to plan…and sometimes…yeah, most times…no. No, they don’t.

In my mind, today was going to be a very relaxing Saturday! Nothing really going on…until this evening when a fun night is planned with some friends! (Can’t wait!) I would have a day to sleep in, maybe read or write a little, tidy my room, etc….My mind was basically quoting Napoleon Dynamite as I imagined this day,”So Megan, what are you doing on Saturday?”

If you’ve seen Napoleon Dynamite, you can imagine my response: “Whatever I feel like I wanna do! Gosh!” 😉 lol

That was my outlook on today! But obviously God decided I needed to be humbled and realize that Napoleon’s line doesn’t always work in real life…In fact, it rarely does!

7:15 am- “Megan! Would you please open the door for me?” That was my wake up call…BaZenia was here and no one was awake to let her in! So she came to my window asking me for help. So, I hopped out of bed and ran to get the door for her.

9:00 am- Dad and Mom left for a couple hours, and decided that we could watch a movie. Not a bad start to the day! I think my Napoleon Dynamite theme was working so far!!

11:45 am- After confirming with Mom and Dad on the phone that I should go ahead with lunch, I proceed to look around for something to make. The most convenient thing: Nshima (the staple food here in Zambia consisting of boiled cornmeal, boiled to a consistency like really thick mashed potatoes). Why is this important? Well, thing is, I’ve NEVER made nshima before! And y’all, there’s an art to this + it takes a good load of muscle in your arm!! I literally started praying out loud. “Lord! Please help me make the nshima! Help me not to burn it or completely botch it!” I filled a pot of water and put it on the stove, beginning my adventure…

12:15- I made sure the boys didn’t tell Zenia or Steve that I was making nshima. They are masters at cooking it, and I’ve never made it in my life. I didn’t want to be embarrassed. Both of them left around this time anyway. I grabbed the bag of millimeal (cornmeal) out of the pantry and started adding it to the almost boiling water…”Should I add more? Am I doing this right? Wait, am I supposed to cover it now..or is that later?” Yes, I was nervous.

12:30- The boys helped me cut up some veggies to saute as sides, which I didn’t have a recipe for…but I think they turned out okay. 😉 Despite all my nerves, the Lord saw my need and somehow made my nshima turn out at least somewhat decent. 😉 After asking my brothers to rate it on a scale of 1-10, I received the following answers (in no particular order):

“10! This nshima is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!”

“Somewhere between a 4 and 6.”

“Hmmm…7 or 8..But I’m not that experienced with nshima, so I wouldn’t know.”

“Somewhere in the middle. 8″

Okay..I’m cool with that. At least it’s not a 1!

My nerves were just beginning to calm as I helped the boys set the table, when I realized two of our dogs had been untied!

We have two female dogs that fight incessantly! Because of this, we have had to rotate letting them out with our male dog. On Thursday, the two females were fixed (right in our front yard!!) by the vet, in hopes that would help the fighting issue. So today, we decided (since they are both still recovering and probably won’t feel up to fighting) to tie them up near one another so maybe they will get used to each other.

After a while, two of the boys, meaning well, thought the dogs would love to stretch their legs…so they untied them from the post and led them on a walk. Next thing I know, I hear the dogs growling and look out the window to see them begin fighting. One of my brothers was trying to pull the one dog away by her chain, while another literally hugged the other from behind trying to pull her off; not realizing that was incredibly dangerous!

It was about 5 minutes of chaos…(stress level now back to 100%)! I’m shouting at the boys to let go of the dogs because they could get hurt! Boys are hollering wondering where the mop bucket is (they stop fighting when we pour water on their heads). I’m thinking, “They just had surgery! What about their stitches!?”

Thank goodness, again God helped us, the dogs stopped fighting after a couple minutes. And although it was dangerous, I think the boys’ attempting to pull them off each other prevented the dogs from damaging their stitches. Thank you Lord Jesus!!

Dogs were retied; and we came inside to finish getting the table set. Half-way through eating, one of the boys looks out the window and says, “Guys!! Nono (one of the dogs) got away!!”

Everyone got up from the table and scrambled outside to look for Nono. Phew..the gate is shut! And thank goodness she and Coco aren’t fighting! We finally found her and tied her up again.

Just as we sat down to finish eating: “Guys!! Nono got loose again!” Round two boys!

Thankfully she hadn’t gone far this time (it’d only been 2 minutes). We quickly tied her up again, this time well.

Oh yeah…we’re still in the middle of lunch! Everyone sat down to finish with no further incident. It’s only 2 o’clock guys… And I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons:

1) Napoleon Dynamite’s philosophy is flawed.

2) Nshima is messy to cook. The stove is literally covered in cornmeal…

3) I don’t think my arm workouts are necessary anymore if I’m making nshima consistently 😉

4) “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day will bring” Psalm 27:1

5) God is merciful! I was literally scared to make the food today! Yet God had mercy and helped it turn out fine. The dogs fighting could’ve been a major catastrophe! But God caused them to stop fighting…

I can plan every minute of my day, but my plan isn’t always God’s plan. Why? Because my plan isn’t always best. God’s is. What’s so good about the dogs fighting? Look at what God taught me through it! Also, it caused each one of us 5 kids to be convicted over something we had done wrong during the incident and apologize to one another, which strengthens relationships. So yes, God is good!

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, and are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28

My parents story…..They just arrived home with a ‘series of events’ story themselves! 😉 They just experienced CRAZY traffic because of a Chipolopolo (the Zambian futball team) game at the stadium, which happens to be just a mile or so from our house. This resulted in it taking an hour to get 5 miles down the road, Dad having to exit the car to stop traffic, and Mom having to direct a bit of traffic.. Wow…What a day this has been!


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