Captured Memories

Here are some snapshots from the last few days!! It’s been such a full week, but I thought I would rather share many photos with you that speak a thousand words apiece than write a few words of my own. 😉


God put a gorgeous double-rainbow in the sky yesterday!! (the second one is faint)

Funny Face Wiphan

After taking the photo in the lower-left corner where Dad and Mary are making funny faces, Mom had the idea to do a “Funny Face Day” at Wiphan. Everyone who came into the office was asked to put on their best funny face! Photo Credits: Mom














I had fun with these sweet friends at Wiphan Nkwazi the other day before their classes began. We chased each other all over the place and if I managed to catch them, they received a hug before being set free. 😉 haha! The two boys in the photo on the right are Davis (left) and Francis.

Bright and Noris. Two boys with adorable little faces and personalities! =)


If someone were to be nominated the “King of Cuteness” I think little Abraham would win for sure! ❤ This is probably one of my favorite pictures…


Cleopatra, Davison, and Luke all passed their grade 9 exams and are now moving on to grade 10!! So excited for them!! In the photo on the right, Davison is exhibiting his artistic skills in one of Wiphan’s classrooms during break time. =)

Jump rope game thing

I enjoyed spending time with all these girls today! I’m not sure the name of the game, but it’s a common game here that’s a more difficult and specific version of jump-rope! haha..I’m not very good at it, but I had fun anyway. 😉 As I was about to leave, I went to put my shoes back on, but before I could Elizabeth (one of the girls) grabbed my shoes and it turned into a second game of “see how long we can keep Megan’s shoes from her” LOL!! We had so much fun! XD


Pastor Aaron swinging on the tire swing when he came to visit our house! XD haha! Photo Cred: Mom


Mom just LOVES the ladies at the jewelry stand!! And here she’s working on collecting an order of necklaces. Isn’t she so pretty in this picture?? XD

Left Photo: Some awesome friends at Mapalo who helped me with my Bemba today…and who I helped with English! XD Seen here are Blessing, Paul, Paul #2 (hehe), Nelson, Benedict, and I unfortunately do not know the other boy. =P

Right Photo: Class at Wiphan Mapalo! XD Photo Cred: Mom


Three Teens and a Bible

A new believer in Christ was sitting beside me; a small notebook in hand flipping through pages filled with words written in red pen.

As I glanced at the words on the pages, I saw Bible verses and references; verses from numerous books of the Bible written out word for word. Next to some of these verses I saw questions and notes he had written. Some of these questions were referring to confusion about how certain verses could coexist and all be true. Some were simply a question mark to imply the verse confused him.

On a page all to itself, he had a list of other questions he wanted to ask regarding salvation, humans being made in the image of God, Bible translations, and other questions.

As I sat next to Ringson (click if you don’t know who this is) looking at what he had written over the past month I was convicted and encouraged.

I was encouraged because I saw a young man my age on fire for the Lord! I saw someone who desired to know and understand the Scriptures and their truths! I saw someone who was more worried about spending time in God’s Word and asking questions about God’s Word than sharing about finishing 9th grade and passing his exams (a BIG deal)!

This encouraged me, yes; but it also convicted me. Am I spending as much time in God’s Word as I should be? Am I diligently studying the Bible and taking note of verses I didn’t understand while earnestly seeking to find the answers to my questions? Am I putting my love for reading God’s Word and God Himself above my love for sharing about other things going on in my life?

These questions played over and over in my mind while I sat between Ringson and Luke (the other young man always a part of our discussions) talking to them about Scripture. Here I was, the person who they have been coming to with their questions to seek answers, yet I’m not being nearly as diligent in my study of the Bible as they are. Maybe Luke didn’t have a book of notes like Ringson did, but just in his speech and the thoughts he shared, there was no doubt he too had been actively reading God’s Word.

I was convicted of not putting my Savior at the priority level to which He is beyond deserving…at that priority level to which He is deserving is that of FIRST in my life.

After the Inshila meeting on Saturday, as is our usual routine, Ringson, Luke, and I went immediately outside to sit and talk. We had a decent allotment of time to read through different parts of God’s Word and to talk and discuss some very difficult questions, but it wasn’t nearly long enough. I had to leave at a point where we could’ve talked and discussed (and even calmly debated) for hours longer.

Mom joined our conversation for a short time at the end, for which I was thankful and happy to have her far wiser insight! As we were leaving, we directed the two boys to one of Wiphan’s two pastors who was going to be there a bit longer if they wanted to talk to him also.

Maybe God is using me as a tool to disciple and encourage Ringson and Luke…but he’s also using Ringson and Luke to encourage, grow, convict me, and draw me closer to Him!

To hear more of Luke, Ringson, and I’s story, read here:

A New Brother in Christ:

A New Brother In Christ {Continued}:

Inshila and Visiting Friends

It’s amazing to me how it’s often the littlest things which warm my heart the most…

I had the opportunity recently to visit my friend Brenda (from the hospitality class) where she was working. The day after I saw Brenda, I went to visit my friend Charles where he was working. When we saw Charles he surprised me by saying one of my other good friends Justina was working there as well. What a nice surprise that was!!


Me with Charles and Justina

I also was able to talk with two of my other hospitality friends. My friend Gasper and I exchanged Bible verses for each other to read and I was incredibly blessed by the one he gave me.

After last month’s Inshila meeting at Wiphan Nkwazi, one girl came up to me to tell me she hadn’t been feeling well lately and wanted me to pray for her.

Another girl asked me to write out the lyrics to Matt Maher’s “Lord I Need You” (I’d sang and played it on guitar for her at the previous meeting) for her and then asked me to sing it with her. Sharon, another Inshila student, also wanted to be a part. We sang Lord I Need You probably five times and by the end, we had some pretty cool harmonies going!

One boy indirectly admitted to me (through another friend) a sin struggle he was having and was asking for forgiveness. I regrettably didn’t have the chance to talk with him face-to-face that day, but God knew we needed to talk because he allowed our paths to cross a few days later. Dad was there as well and was able to talk to him just a bit also.

I only had a short time to visit with Luke and Ringson (see..) at this meeting, but they left me anticipating some deep Bible questions next month. Ringson told me, “Be reading your Bible and praying so you are prepared to answer my question next time!”

Before we left the Inshila meeting that day I met two new girls named Ruth and Dorcas. Ruth and I had a really enjoyable and long visit! The three of us then spent a long time singing Bemba and English songs together…all the while different people passed by shouting “Mulishaani!” (How are you?) to one of the three of us.

A few days after Inshila, I was at Wiphan Mapalo and a sweet girl named Miriam approached me. She was wearing a tube-top dress at least three sizes too big and it was falling down. She handed me a shoestring and in Bemba asked me to help her fix her dress. It took quite a while to come up with a solution, but we finally figured something out.

Mr. Kelvin (head teacher at Wiphan Mapalo) checked in with me on some “homework” he had given me the previous week to find the definition of a word. Turns out it was a trick question, but with some help I was able to figure it out and give him the answer. He scored me a 95% though because it wasn’t “exact”. We had a good laugh!

Madam Mubonga is a teacher at Wiphan Mapalo whom I love dearly! She is such a sweet lady with a sense of humor, but also can have some good and in depth conversations. This day, she gave me a hug as I came into the office, but later on, out of nowhere, she came and gave me another big hug. ❤

After leaving Wiphan that day, my dad, Alex, Cameron, and I headed to the store. While there, two employees I know at a restaurant waved to me grinning; and inside the grocery store, three different people greeted me by name. One of whom is my sweet friend in the fruit section. I stood and visited with her for a while, while Dad did part of the shopping. =)

All these things which seem so small were big things to my heart! I feel so blessed by the Lord to be living and serving here in Zambia. Maybe I came here with my family to bless others, but so far I feel like I’ve received most of the blessings… It’s almost a surreal feeling most nights, as I lie down contentedly, and think, “God, I live in Zambia! This is incredible..! This life is what I’m made for…”

I don’t know what God has in store for the rest of my life. Maybe I’ll be in Zambia forever. Maybe I’ll return to the U.S.; or maybe I’ll end up somewhere entirely different! But right now, I know I’m right were I’m supposed to be and I look forward to what God has in store for my future.

A New Brother…(In Christ)!…{continued}

Seeing God working in the lives of others is such a beautiful thing!! You may remember the story I blogged about a couple months ago (see: ), regarding having the opportunity to be with a young man named Ringson when he made the choice to give his life to the Lord. Ringson asked me all sorts of questions that day which really challenged me and made me think; but were good questions.

I was unable to attend last month’s Inshila meeting (which is also explained in the above link) so I sent a note with someone to give to Ringson saying I was praying for him, hoped he was doing well, and wondered if he had any other questions. He replied with a few questions for me and said God had really been working in his life in the last month! He didn’t say how, but just said God had been doing much in his life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the person who had the reply letter for me until today. So I received his letter today and also saw him today. lol..

After the Inshila meeting was finished, I went and read Ringson’s letter and then found him to reply in person. 😉 We ended up basically continuing our discussion from last time…He asked me a new set of questions and we revisited old ones. Four (ish..) other boys were also standing around asking questions and listening to our conversation.

Ringson had written down all of the questions he wanted to ask me, but when I asked him where the list was, he said, “I forgot it…but I will bring it next time!” But this didn’t stop our discussion!

One of the other young men named Warren asked what he must do to become a Christian. I turned to Ringson and asked him if he wanted to answer. He and I tag-teamed to answer the question; and after answering Warren and other had more questions.

As a group, we discussed the role of baptism. We discussed whether or not a person can attain perfection. We discussed why God sometimes does and why God sometimes doesn’t reveal a reason for suffering. We revisited the topic of why God allows bad things to happen. We discussed speaking in tongues. We discussed who God is in a physical sense. We discussed whether or not salvation is open to all people. We discussed how God answers prayer. We discussed different scenarios and whether or not the person/people in the scenarios were making right or wrong choices…etc.

I don’t pretend to know the hearts of any of the young men standing there, but after asking Ringson, I have NO doubt God is truly Lord in his life!

I asked him how he has seen God working in his life over the past two months and he said, “I understand the Word much better! I will be reading and God will help me understand it now in a new way Being a Christian…It just feels different. Like, He lives in me and it’s feels so different. I have changed now. And I’m so happy God has done this in my life!”

Evidence of God revealing things about Scripture to him was clear because he referenced the Bible often in our discussion. He said, “I was reading somewhere this month…” and go on with sharing about a story or verse and ask a question about it or share what he was learning from it. He referenced SO many different stories with true insight into those stories!

I said to him, “You have been reading your Bible a lot haven’t you?”

Ringson: “YES! I have! I am much changed now…!” He continued on and talked about how he had been reading the story of Moses rescuing the Israelites and they had just crossed the Red Sea. He talked about God’s role in this incident in using a man, working through Moses, even in his weakness, to accomplish this miracle of rescuing His people and parting the Red Sea.

After sharing this he said, “Okay, so what happens next in the story!?”

Me: “Are you reading this story right now?”

Ringson: “Yes! It is the story I am reading just now…”

Me: “Then you should read the story to find out what happens!”

It was such a joy to see him SO passionate about reading God’s Word and understanding more about Him.

I also asked him if he had faced any challenges the last couple months. He responded, “Yes..MANY temptations! I will be somewhere doing what-and-what and someone will say, ‘hey come do this thing’ and I will have to say, ‘AH! Lord have mercy to help me!’ and walk away from that. There are SO many temptations that are challenging…But God has helped me to walk away and to say no.”

I encouraged him by saying how wonderful it was that he has sought the Lord for help in those times to say “no” and walk away from temptation. I also told him he wasn’t the only one who struggled with temptation. Everyone is faced with temptation and everyone falls into those temptations at some point; but God is always there to catch us when we fall. He will forgive us when we sincerely ask…He already has forgiven us.

As I was preparing to leave, I quickly asked Ringson how I could be praying for him. He said, “Pray for me that I will have more faith and that I will not do the things I’m tempted to do and that God will help me to be a better person!”

Two of the other boys standing around asked if they also could bring me a list of questions they had about God and His Word. One of them stays just near Wiphan and the other said he would bring his list to that boy. I told them of course they could bring me a list of questions! And I departed with the promise to pray for them and a promise from them to pray for me and bring me lists of questions…

I know I said this at the beginning, but I just have to say again what a joy it is to see other come into the family of Christ! To see someone who is truly desiring to serve the Lord and honor Him with his/her life! Ringson is the first person I have ever been privileged to witness come to the point of salvation and then see the fruit of that in his life, and it has brought be so much joy to see God’s work in his life!

God is doing amazing things in Ringson’s life…God is doing amazing things in my life…He can do amazing things in your life as well!

A New Brother (In Christ…)!

It’s always something worth celebrating when someone comes to salvation through Jesus Christ! Personally, I’ve never been there to witness or encourage someone when they have this desire and feel that conviction…until today.

On the last Saturday of each month, we gather at Wiphan Inshila meeting. I have explained this before, but to give a quick recap: Wiphan’s Inshila program sponsors children who are in government secondary schools. Wiphan schools end with grade seven, so children must go to public schools to complete their education. Each month, these students gather together so that Wiphan staff can make sure these teens are doing okay at their schools and at home; and also to disciple them.

In previous months, we have divided boys from girls and had our own separate conversations mainly centered (at least for the girls) around struggles in their lives.

During these previous meetings, these kids had also filled out forms on which (among other things) they stated their belief on what saves a person. My parents read each form and realized there were many misconceptions regarding salvation. Therefore, this month they decided to share the full gospel with the Inshila kids. They shared how going to church, doing good things, reading your Bible, praying, and even just believing in God….NONE of those things are what save you! Those are ALL good things and things which come as a natural desire to a believer, but ultimately those things do not save you.

Then, they shared what DOES save you…The quick answer is: Jesus Christ! He says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but through Me!” The blood of Jesus Christ is what saves us! HIS payment for our sin!!!! As is often used as a parallel, my parents compared what Christ has done for us to a man on trial: A man is guilty, condemned by the judge for his crime, but suddenly someone steps out and says, “I will take the punishment for this man’s crime!” This is what Jesus did for us. He took the punishment for our sins! When we realize our need for Jesus and recognize the gravity of our sin, the Holy Spirit gives us a great love for God and a desire to please and serve Him above all else because of what He has done for us. Only then, only through Christ, can we be saved from the wages of our sin!

My parents shared this message with the students today. Two of the Inshila boys, Luke and Ringson, asked a couple questions before the session was over, but as it concluded I gathered they still had unanswered questions. I could also tell they were in serious, deep thought about the things being said…

Following the closing of the meeting, I found Luke and Ringson outside. We greeted each other; I thanked them for stepping out and asking questions, and asked them if they understood the answers given or if they still had more unanswered questions.

Luke quickly replied that he understood, but Ringson said, “No. I do not understand.” A third boy began to laugh at him giving that answer.

Ringson looked a little uncomfortable and said, “Well…If I am being honest…I don’t understand”

I quickly said, “No! No! I’m glad you are being honest! Please, ask whatever you want and I will try to answer if I can!”

The first question he asked was, “What should I do to be saved?” I followed up the question with another: “Why do you want to be saved?” We discussed what salvation is, the desire for which comes from the Lord alone. Which is why I asked the question I did…

He asked SO many questions! Some of them were not easy to answer and took some thought. Only by God’s grace was I able to answer their questions, and I pray I answered them thoroughly. Just when I would begin to have trouble putting my answer in words, my mom or dad happened to walk by and were able to help me!

We discussed all kinds of questions! Here are some that Ringson asked me….

– “So I hear ‘God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit’; Who are they? Like 3 Gods? How are they different [from each other]?”

– “What do you mean ‘the Holy Spirit lives in Christians’? How does that work?”

– “Does the Holy Spirit live in a thief?”

– “Why does God allow bad things to happen?”

– “If we ask God for something, will he give it to us?”

– “So how does the Holy Spirit come to live in my heart?”

– “WHAT saves us exactly?”

– “I hear people talk about purgatory…What is purgatory? Is it real?”

– “Is stealing a sin? What about lying?”

It was a REALLY good discussion! I was SO glad he was open to ask questions! I was happy to see he had a real, true, genuine desire to understand God, His word, salvation, and His plan for our lives!

Luke wasn’t the one who asked the questions, but he did participate in the conversation and listened intently. A few other boys would listen for a bit and then go. At the end of the conversation, a boy named Patrick was with us. He never spoke a word, only listened to the discussion…

After talking through all of these questions, Ringson asked what he should do so the Holy Spirit would come into his life, and then he asked me to pray with him! I told him he had to pray too, but I would be happy to pray with him…After asking, he said he didn’t want to pray alone, but he wanted to pray silently and me to pray aloud.

The four of us, Patrick, Luke, Ringson, and I, joined hands and I said a short prayer aloud. I was silent for a few minutes and we all prayed our own prayers in silence, then I said “Amen” to finish the prayer time. Ringson had this look on his face like I had interrupted him… I felt really bad..=P

I asked Ringson if he needed more time to pray and he said, “I think I do. Can you pray for me out loud please?” I told him I would pray aloud for him, but he had to also.

We closed our eyes a second time, and I prayed specifically for Ringson that as He was about to pray, God would reveal Himself to him and make Himself known in Ringson’s heart.

Following my prayer, Ringson prayed a very sincere prayer asking God to make him His servant. He asked the Holy Spirit to live in his life, asked God to forgive him of his sins, and acknowledged his need for a Savior.

He closed the prayer and we all looked around at each other. I don’t know what took place in the minds and hearts of Luke or Patrick as they prayed. They were mostly silent. Ringson looked like his mind was somewhere far away. He shook his shoulders around and said, “Wow…I feel…I don’t know…like a different body or person or something…Something is changed and different…”

I was teary eyed…It was a beautiful scene! What he experienced today, I believe was real! He WANTED to know the truth! He wasn’t afraid to be honest and ask questions! He truly desired to know more about God an understand salvation. He accepted the gift Christ Jesus offers us freely! He joined the family of God and became His child! What could be more beautiful!!??

I told these boys I would pray for them and Luke said, “Yes! Please pray for our education that we would get good marks [grades] and finish school!” I told them I would and also said I would pray for them as they are new in their faith; that God would speak to them and they would grow closer in their relationship with God!

Ringson stuck out his hand; pinky outstretched, and said, “You have to promise that you will pray for me!” I locked my pinky in his and said, “I promise to pray for you every day!” Luke, Patrick, and I did the same and they all promised to pray for me also! As they left, we shouted to reiterate our promise to pray for each other every day!

I don’t think any of us wanted our conversation to end, but Ringson had somewhere to be. He said he had more questions and promised to write them down and give them to a teacher for me, or to ask me next time I saw him. In the meantime, I intend to keep my promise to pray for them every day and pray we will be able to have more conversations in the future; and maybe I can even have similar conversations with others too!


Patrick in the back, Luke on the left, Ringson, then Me! =)

Power Outages, Friends, and Some Laughs!

Hi guys! I’ve got some funny stuff to share with you and some serious stuff. This past week has proved to include both. So here we go!

As a lot of you may have seen on Facebook, we have had very little power the last couple weeks. As in, it’s been out anywhere from 4-14 hours at a time, sometimes daily! Thankfully power was on almost all weekend!

With that said, our week has been a little more adventurous than was anticipated! When the power goes, so does most of the water…And the little water we have, we have to use sparingly because we never know when the power will return!

Cooking becomes a “19th century and before” event, where charcoal is lit outdoors and food is cooked there. We have a single-burner propane stove that helps too.

With the power outage frequency and unpredictability, we are constantly taking advantage of the precious time the power is on! “Everyone take a shower or bath and then fill the tubs with water!” “Let’s get a soup made before the power goes out again!” “Start a load of laundry and iron any clothing that you might need!” “Someone please fill the water filter!” “Make sure all computers, iPods, and rechargeable flashlights are plugged in!” “COFFEEEEE!!!”


Cooking outside!

Anyway, the moment God says to ZESCO “Let there be light” I think everyone sees that it is good! 😉

The other night, the power had been out ALL day; about 13 hours at this point…When the power goes out, the bathrooms immediately lose all water. So, we have to manually fill the back of the toilet with water to flush it, hence the store of water in the tub. So, obviously it was dark. Only one candle was lit in there; and I wasn’t sure if any water was in the back of the toilet or not. You know, maybe someone had filled it up. Anyway, I grabbed the one candle, and……you know those moments when you *facepalm because you did something so dumb? That’s the kind of moment I’m about to recount to you…I grabbed the candle on its stand and tilted it sideways to check the water level in the toilet. I honestly don’t remember whether there was any in there or not…All I remember is seeing a whole lot of candle wax pour into the toilet and all over the toilet seat!! Yeah, told you it was one of those *facepalm moments! Why on earth did I not think, “There is melted wax in this candle. Tipping it over is NOT a good idea.”? Needless to say, I had a rather unpleasant job to do.

Yesterday, the power went out at about 5:40 a.m. Mom and Dad were gone for the morning, so I prepared breakfast. Just a little FYI, it gets COLD here in the mornings and evenings this time of year! The gas stove was out of propane, so I had to lite the charcoal and cook outside…huddled in fluffy socks, house shoes, and a shawl wrapped tightly around me! haha… We ALL drank a cup of tea or coffee this morning to stay warm!

My week hasn’t been all surrounded by power outages though! Goodness no! Despite that annoyance, the week has been pretty good!

Saturday was Inshila meeting (see “The Greatest Education” where I explain what “Inshila” is). This month, we divided up boys and male leaders from the girls and female leaders and had our own separate meetings.

I can’t speak for the boys, but the girls’ meeting went really well! For privacy sake, I won’t share specifics; but many topics were discussed and many questions were asked by the girls. The main focus of our separate time was to give the girls an opportunity and safe-haven to ask questions regarding anything which they may not understand, or to share struggles they have and need help with.

The girls were very open and asked lots of questions! One girl’s story brought me to tears and at other points, tears almost came.  All in all, I’d say it went really well! I’m happy the girls are comfortable and open with my mom and the teachers!

We also had some time with our neighbor friends this week! Everyone is within shouting distance of each other, so all we have to do is shout a certain call to summon our friends. It’s almost like a secret language! There is a different call for each group of kids. If we want the kids at the farm across the road, we shout in a different way than if we want the kids to our left. And if they want us, we know what sound to listen for. This really comes in handy!


Rachel and I! ❤

When they come to play, I always end up filling up the memory on my iPod with pictures and videos! Everyone loves to sing for the camera and pose for a picture or 2 or 10.. 😉 Some of them even like to be the cameraman and take pictures of me or each other! haha…


Chris! I can’t get over this boy’s smile…..

One of them was using my iPod for the first time when he accidentally switched it to selfie mode. He just sat there holding the camera at all different angles making faces at himself!!! Haha! If only he had actually taken pictures of those faces!


Christine in the back with the saber looking thing, Eluvis is being held by Mary! =)

On Sunday afternoon, only a few kids were able to play, so we only had enough people for a 3 on 3 game of futball. They are definitely helping my futball skills improve! Especially playing in such small numbers where I receive the ball a lot! We actually won! =D

We also spent time at Wiphan during the week. I was able to help Mamma cook and serve food in the kitchen, and then spend time with teachers and students! I had a nice time with my friends in hospitality, and also taking pictures of a fun group of boys!

These boys were challenging each other seeing who could tolerate sunlight being reflected onto their arm the longest! Proof boys are the same all over the world! lol! Always posing some sort of “man-challenge.” 😉


The boys enjoying their challenge… 😉

Yes, life is a journey! Every day presents itself with trials and excitements quite its own. Viewing life, viewing every day, as a unique gift from God has added so much joy to my life! I start each day with my Bible and prayer; asking God to guide my steps as I embark on the path He has laid out for me today. By God’s grace, my relationship with Him is definitely increasing and growing stronger. I smile up at Him nearly every day because something makes me realize that I am right where I belong at this stage of my life!

The Greatest Education

I was given the privilege to speak at the monthly gathering of the Inshila program today. Inshila was designed to sponsor Wiphan graduates in pursuing their high-school education at public schools (Wiphan’s education only completes seventh grade). Wiphan brings all of these kids together once a month to encourage them and check on their well-being.

After last month’s meeting, Pastor Aaron had asked me to encourage the students with a brief talk on the importance of education today; which naturally prompted that topic to be on my mind. Why is it important that I complete my education? Why is it important that I pass each grade, working to the best of my ability? Well, here’s what I came up with…

Yes, education is important. To secure a good job, education is crucial (of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking…).  To be accepted into a good college, solid education is vital. God has called men to be providers of the home, and women to be keepers of the home; and part of the training for these callings is our schooling. So, I did mostly share about those things, but something else was weighing heavier on my mind. That “something else” is education in the scriptures; in God himself.

No education is more important than education in the scriptures and in our Savior. I must, we all must, spend time poring over each and every page of God’s word studying, learning, praying, and asking God what he wants me to take from it each day. By being “educated in our savior”,  I mean that we should spend time getting to know the one who died for us. The one who created us. We should be educated in the characteristics and nature of God so that we can truly know him. How can I he be the guide of my life if I don’t even know what he is like? How will I know when he is speaking to me, or telling me to do something for him (Or when he is telling me not to do something)? I can’t. I must know him. I must spend time with him. I must listen for, and learn his voice.

Our education in God and the scriptures will guide our every step. This was also discussed today at Wiphan: Scripture has something to say about everything in our lives! No, scripture may not use the word “football”, but the Bible does say, “Whatever you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” So, if someone’s out there on the football field playing for the glory of God(say, Tim Tebow for example), I think scripture clearly addresses that issue. Tim Tebow is using his fame as a pro football player to spread the love of Christ all over the world. When he’s being interviewed, he gives glory  to God, and not himself, for everything. Thus, scripture does speak to every issue, maybe it’s just indirectly, and you have to dig a little more to find it. But my point is, if we are fluent in our knowledge of the scriptures (not for bragging’s sake, but for the sake of serving the Lord) then we can know how to face every giant that comes our way (as my mom was also sharing today). If we are educated in God himself, trusting in Him, listening for his voice, ready with scripture on our lips, then we can face anything because God is with us. Me (you) + God = Majority.