Compassion: My Spiritual Gift….What’s Yours?

June 6, 2015

God has given everyone a gift. You may even have two or three. Today I realized my gift: compassion.

For the first time, I saw someone who had been beaten. Sure, I’ve seen it in the movies or on the news; read about it in magazines or books. But I had never seen it in person. It was a young boy, around 12, that I know. He had blood on all parts of his body. He couldn’t stand, and his breathing was labored. Tears even managed to escape down his cheeks as he lay on the ground.

Before I saw him, I had been told he was hurt; but the description I had been given was a “slap”. You can therefore imagine my shock when I found him bleeding and breathing as he was.

My immediate reaction was a sick stomach and tears. It hurt me so much to see someone hurting!

As it turned out, the beating wasn’t as bad as it appeared. He had been hit only in the face, and only a few times. We still aren’t quite sure where all the blood came from; perhaps his nose.

However, I felt no less heartbroken over the matter upon realizing it wasn’t so serious. This happened early this afternoon. It’s after midnight now. I still feel sick, and the tears still fall. I know he’ll be fine! A black eye and soreness will heal, but nevertheless, all I want to do right now is be there with him, tending his wounds, hugging him, telling him it will be okay.

So as I sit here writing this, here is what God spoke to me amongst my wild train of thought:

“You are this compassionate and passionate in this small thing; how much    more will you be with the big things”

So in amongst my wild thoughts of “I want to be a nurse. I MUST be a nurse! Can I take an online nursing course? It’s a two year course right? If I start now I can finish before I’m 19! Do they even allow 16 year old’s to take a nursing course? If I just studied up on a bunch of medical stuff, could I do volunteer work in nursing legally?”

So in amongst those wild thoughts, that is what spoke to me. I immediately came back with, “Okay God, how should I use this gift of compassion that you have given me to serve you?”

I’m still praying through this. I don’t yet know God’s plan and I don’t want to act on impulse; but I DO know that God gave me this gift for a reason! So I will wait for his timing to reveal to me how I should use it.

What is your gift? Maybe God hasn’t revealed it to you yet; maybe he has. If he hasn’t, ask him to show you. If he has, as him how he wants you to use it.

He has a plan for your life! I promise! You have a gift! I promise!

God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things! I’m an ordinary teen, but I serve an extraordinary God! And through him, I am extraordinary!

See 1 Corinthians 12…and James 1:17


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