The Greatest Education

May 30, 2015

I was given the privilege to speak at the monthly gathering of the Inshila program today. Inshila was designed to sponsor Wiphan graduates in pursuing their high-school education at public schools (Wiphan’s education only completes seventh grade). Wiphan brings all of these kids together once a month to encourage them and check on their well-being.

After last month’s meeting, Pastor Aaron had asked me to encourage the students with a brief talk on the importance of education today; which naturally prompted that topic to be on my mind. Why is it important that I complete my education? Why is it important that I pass each grade, working to the best of my ability? Well, here’s what I came up with…

Yes, education is important. To secure a good job, education is crucial (of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking…).  To be accepted into a good college, solid education is vital. God has called men to be providers of the home, and women to be keepers of the home; and part of the training for these callings is our schooling. So, I did mostly share about those things, but something else was weighing heavier on my mind. That “something else” is education in the scriptures; in God himself.

No education is more important than education in the scriptures and in our Savior. I must, we all must, spend time poring over each and every page of God’s word studying, learning, praying, and asking God what he wants me to take from it each day. By being “educated in our savior”,  I mean that we should spend time getting to know the one who died for us. The one who created us. We should be educated in the characteristics and nature of God so that we can truly know him. How can I he be the guide of my life if I don’t even know what he is like? How will I know when he is speaking to me, or telling me to do something for him (Or when he is telling me not to do something)? I can’t. I must know him. I must spend time with him. I must listen for, and learn his voice.

Our education in God and the scriptures will guide our every step. This was also discussed today at Wiphan: Scripture has something to say about everything in our lives! No, scripture may not use the word “football”, but the Bible does say, “Whatever you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” So, if someone’s out there on the football field playing for the glory of God(say, Tim Tebow for example), I think scripture clearly addresses that issue. Tim Tebow is using his fame as a pro football player to spread the love of Christ all over the world. When he’s being interviewed, he gives glory  to God, and not himself, for everything. Thus, scripture does speak to every issue, maybe it’s just indirectly, and you have to dig a little more to find it. But my point is, if we are fluent in our knowledge of the scriptures (not for bragging’s sake, but for the sake of serving the Lord) then we can know how to face every giant that comes our way (as my mom was also sharing today). If we are educated in God himself, trusting in Him, listening for his voice, ready with scripture on our lips, then we can face anything because God is with us. Me (you) + God = Majority.


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