In Need of Prayer

I’m someone who loves people deeply; and I deeply feel the hurts of those I love…

I have many, many weaknesses and more short-comings than faults. One gift God has given me though is compassion.

When someone is hurting, especially when it’s someone I love and care a lot about, I feel their pain immensely and want to do everything in my power to fix their problems…

Sometimes I can “fix the problem”, but oftentimes it’s out of my control.

One of the children at Wiphan I’m incredibly close to and love like my own brother was not himself today. He’s generally the “life of the party” kind of 12 year old boy. He’s the popular kid and the leader of the crowd. He always smiles, always laughs, and likes to tease people in fun.

Today he acted like the outcast no one loved. He never smiled. He wasn’t laughing and being his cool, good-natured self. He stood off from everyone else, even his best friend. He didn’t sing with us in class…he didn’t even stand up with everyone else. He sat silently.

Everything was all wrong and backward.

I actually pulled him aside and asked if he was okay and a few other questions. He looked like he was about to cry after a couple of my questions, but he did his best to hide whatever it is underneath.

It’s not common for kids to come forward with issues in this culture. They are often made to fear speaking out and treated as if they don’t have a voice. So the fact that this boy I love so much didn’t tell me what is wrong didn’t surprise me.

I didn’t want to pressure him. I did everything I could to let him know I was there and he was free to speak and could trust me…but he still remained silent on the issue.

This boy doesn’t like me to hug him. I give most of the kids hugs, but I think it’s a matter of “coolness” and he just doesn’t really let me hug him (which is fine, I get that), but today was different.

We finished talking and got up from where we were sitting. I went to give him a hug, which I planned to be rather quick so as not to make him uncomfortable; however, he held onto me so tightly and for so long it just reconfirmed my suspicions of something being wrong.

As he hugged me I told him how much he was loved. I told him I was here for him whenever he needed me and he was free to be open with me about anything going on.

He just looked up at me with his sad, far off eyes and went back into the classroom.

Mom and I left Wiphan a short time later and as mom was talking to someone through the window before we pulled away, he stood at a distance and stared at me for a long time. I waved and smiled at him. He never just looked at me for a while. I did my best with my demeanor to make him feel at ease if he wanted to talk to me…I couldn’t quite read his expression for certain and I didn’t want to push him if he didn’t want to talk.

Finally, he gave a half-smile and went on his way.

imagesI can speculate about what’s wrong. I have certain suspicions after our conversation, but even if I’m right, the situation is outside of my control.

All I can do for him at this point is pray, Pray, PRAY and let him know I’m here, I love him, and he can trust me. Ultimately though, it’s in God’s hands and it’s up to the Lord to work this out because there is nothing else I can do but call on Him!

I was just talking to my mom about all of this a little bit ago and she said exactly what I was thinking. Prayer is powerful! Even when problems I face are things I can fix, I should call on the Lord. I’m not always good at this. I often try to take things into my own hands.

But the truth is, I need the Lord! I always have and always will need Him. As life goes on, I’m seeing my desperate need of Him more and more…in every situation.

I’ve sent out a handful of prayer requests to different friends for this sweet boy. So if you’re reading this, would you please pray for him as well?? My heart aches for this marvelous boy! I’ve cried more than once today wishing I could physically do something, but knowing I can’t.

argadgI’ve always come back to prayer. It’s powerful I promise you! God hears our prayers; and when people from all over are praying, God hears those prayers too!

I post this to ask you to pray for this boy…my wonderful and dear friend! I also encourage you to exercise prayer in your own life for your own “situations” whether you feel like they’re already in your control or not. I’m still learning to lean on Christ more and more…but what I do know is the more I lean on Him, the closer I grow to Him, and the more at peace I am in life.

Prayer is powerful…this situation is out of our control…my friend needs prayer! Will you join me?