Letters, Drawings, and Bracelets

Each member of my family has “their” own kids at Wiphan that stand out to them or has that special place in their heart. I’m no different…My friend told me on the phone the other night, “If you had your way, I think you would have adopted 20 kids by now!”

Okay, so maybe I wouldn’t have adopted 20 (that would be a lot of kids…not to mention that I’m still a kid myself 😉 ), but yeah there are a few kids that really have pulled at my heartstrings and I would adopt in a heartbeat if I could!

Yesterday, I received two different letters/drawings and two handmade bracelets all from different kids! It was SO sweet to read those letters and see their faces light up when they slid the bracelets over my wrist! Two of these kids I know very well and am close to. The other two children I don’t know very well at all, but will hopefully grow closer to in the future!


P.S. I love seeing all the attempts at spelling my name! ‘Megan’ is definitely not a recognized name here! haha…Yesterday alone, my name was spelled “Migar” and “Mingani” but somehow, I don’t have the heart to correct it…

Most of the letters I receive are either 80% drawings or there’s art work surrounding the whole body of the letter. A while back, I received a drawing from a sweet little girl whose named I’m ashamed I don’t know…I wish I could find out who she was. I want to thank her for making my heart smile, but I suppose I’ll have to be content not knowing…


The two letters and drawings I received yesterday came from two boys named Oliver and Alan. I have only recently learned Oliver’s name, so I don’t know him well yet. Alan is also one I’ve grown closer to only recently. He’s one of the kids I would adopt if I could…


Each boy wrote a rather lengthy letter and then surrounded the letter in colorful artwork! Each letter was unique and beautiful; items I will treasure always!


The bracelets pictured below completely amaze me! I watched as they made one of mine and I was still in awe. These kids are SO creative! They take long, folded strips of paper or candy wrappers and turn them into something meaningful and beautiful!


These three were made for me by two other Wiphan boys, Mike and Moses (also known as Hugo). Mike (I’d adopt him too!) gave me the one made out of the candy wrappers/labels a while ago, and the smaller paper one yesterday.


Moses made his bracelet for me while at Wiphan. I observed him making it although, at the time, I was unaware it was intended for me… After completing his bracelet, Moses sat down beside me, grabbed my hand, and slid it onto my wrist.


Earlier in the day, I was walking through a crowd of children when I felt someone grab and place something in my hand and then close my fingers over it. I looked down to see a paper bracelet in my hand and turned around to see Mike smiling behind me…


I haven’t fully expressed what I felt when I was given each of these items. I thought it best to sum it up altogether at the end. I’m sitting here racking my brain for the right words, but there seem to be none…the best I can do is to say it was heartwarming! There’s a literal stirring and swelling in my heart that makes me teary when these kids do such sweet things for me and others! I’m so grateful for each letter, bracelet, hug, smile, and everything else I receive, tangible or otherwise, because each is a memory and joy that will last a lifetime and maybe even an eternity…


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