A Day Full of Pure, Indescribable Joy!! <3

What a wonderful, beautiful, exciting, full, and exhausting day we had yesterday! Our family woke up and prepared to leave for a visit to BCA.
BCA is another school for orphans here in Ndola from where we sponsor two children. We’ve been sponsoring these kids for 5 years! Both my parents have met the two kids, Victor and Edah are their names, but us 5 kids had not met them.


Victor when my parents met him 5 years ago!


Victor now…!!!!!! ❤

For 5 years we’ve seen Victor and Edah’s beautiful faces and smiles posted on the front of our refrigerator. We’ve seen updated pictures as teams have come BCA. We’ve read letters they’ve written to us. We’ve prayed for them and thought of them much like another brother and sister to us.
Today was a big day. A long-awaited day. A day I have dreamed of but never knew would exist. But here we were, about to meet Victor and Edah!
We drove up to BCA and were greeted by the children all singing to greet us! As the children walked away single-file we were scanning the lines for Victor and Edah! We were unable to spot them then, but later…my eyes spotted a pretty little girl, slightly taller than most, sitting in the circle of children…”That’s Edah!” I was so excited! Our eyes met, and I smiled at her! Her sweet smile in return made my heart skip a beat. I realized later that she has a picture of our family that she shows to her friends every day!! Ooooohhhhh!!!! How heartwarming is that!!!! Victor is smaller in stature, so I was having more trouble finding him. I asked one of the teachers who then pointed him out to me. The moment I looked over at him he smiled SO big! He saw the teacher point at him and his smile stole my heart away!!! ❤


Me and Edah!!! ❤

Ohmyheart!!!! I never expected to feel THAT much of a bond with these two kids! I cried when we left…I didn’t want to leave! I literally felt like I was leaving my brother and my sister behind!
While we were there, I was able to sit with both Victor and Edah, and meet some children sponsored by friends, and a few other kids also! =D
Then, I was able to play a Bemba variation of “duck, duck, goose” with some of the kids! I’ve been studying the Bemba phrases to sing for the game. 😉 That turned into standing in a circle, singing, and taking turns dancing in the center! Both games were super fun!
We had to leave far sooner than I desired, but at the same time I also had excitement waiting for me the other half of the day!
Immediately following our time at BCA, out family met two lovely ladies from Georgia here for a week. We all, along with Anna who also works with Wiphan, drove over to Wiphan to spend some time there! I ran up to the hospitality room (I kind of feel like I’m a part of that class! lol) to see if my friends were there! I was just in time to sing and dance! =D Only a couple of my friends were there, the other were new kids that I didn’t know. So I stood in the back with my friends and we all praised the Lord together in song and dance!


And here we are! =D Front left: Richard, Brenda, Winford- Back: I don’t know the first guy, Helen, Charles, Gasper, Me

There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of singing and dancing with Zambians! It’s so powerful and you can tell everything comes from the heart! I hate saying something is “indescribable” because that’s why I’m blogging: to explain what we’re doing and all the emotions that come with it. But honestly, it is very difficult to describe the joy, exhilaration, and passion which comes with Zambian praise and worship! No one is shy, no one is afraid to dance or shout! Everyone does what he feels led to do…Singing and dancing here is one of my favorite things! ❤

After that glorious time, my friends in hospitality joined me outside (another class was finishing before theirs began) and we enjoyed some fun conversation! The ladies here from Georgia and my mom were able to visit with them as well. They just added to the fun!! =D And they took some awesome pictures for us! 😉 It was a blast!
Also, my little friend Mike pulled me aside from my conversation and slipped a handmade bracelet over my arm!! ❤ He made it for me out of different wrappers..It was really amazing actually!!! He is So sweeeet!
Following that time, Mom and I, with Mrs. Watford and Ms. Tiley (the ladies from Georgia), Anna, and Mamma (Wiphan Nkwazi’s cook) walked to visit Pastor Aaron at his house.
Pastor Aaron is our good friend and the pastor at Wiphan, but he currently has Malaria. He’s improving though and claimed yesterday that he would be better and jumping with his guitar by today! 😉 Knowing him, I have to doubt! But we will see soon….
We sat outside on mats at his place while we visited. One of the teachers from Wiphan was there as well and encouraged us from the Scriptures!
Anna, Ms. Tiley, and Mrs. Watford, Mom, and I came home after this where we found the rest of my family. In the evening, we all enjoyed supper together around the table and some lovely conversation to follow!
To finish off the day, one of my best friends from the states messaged me a video of her telling me she loved me! ❤ Awww! What a joyous day yesterday was! The phrase, “That just made my day!” could’ve been uttered at nearly every turn…God is good; all the time!! And all the time…?


This little sickly boy was watching all the exitement at BCA. He was crying some, so I held him in my lap for a while!


Ain’t that just a sweet face! =D


BCA students!


Wiphan boys joining in for a selfie! =D


Me and Victor!!! ❤ ❤


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