Ode to ZESCO

*Zesco is the power company in Zambia and it’s solely hydroelectric. Therefore during dry season if it didn’t rain enough during the previous rainy season then we are lacking enough water to support powering the whole nation. Not to mention a couple of the dams containing the water broke so we now have less dams to hold and store water for the dry season…

Ode to ZESCO   

There once was a dam that swallowed some water;
Oh why did it falter and swallow that water?

Now we have no power,
So I await the 8th hour,
When the light will return and I can go take my shower

It began as twice a week
Until it hit a daily peek…

And the powerless hours increased to five,
But they continue to plunge into a deeper nose dive.

The daily hours have increased now to eight;
The upcoming months I fearfully await.

What if electricity should cease existence for good?
For a week? Or two? Or Three? I have no doubt it could!

Until the rains come, there’s nothing to be done.
We’ll cook on charcoal each day til’ our troubles are gone.

Fetching water from outside, and working by candlelight,
Until our troubles are over we’ll fight this good fight!

When heavenly floodgates are opened, and God sends the rain,
We’ll praise Him on high. Alas! Light once again!

~Megan Hensley written Sept. 2015