The Many Faces of Rachel

Rachel is one of our sweet neighbor girls; the younger sister to our dear friend Angel. This 3 year old is such a sweetie with a very expressive, funny, sassy personality… 😉 She also insists on calling me “musungu” (white person) because she can’t remember my name. Today, my friend and I TRIED to get her to remember “Megan”; but even still, she would say, “Musungu Megan”…haha.Not sure how long she’ll remember “Megan”.  She was also pointing to all the trees in our yard asking, “What is that?”. I have no idea HOW many times I said, “Tree” or “citmuti” (Bemba for tree) today in response…She also insisted on asking me what every individual blade of grass was. I finally told her in Bemba it is ALL the same thing! This sweet girl adds so many smiles to our time with our neighbors. =)

I’ve taken SO many pictures of/with her in the last 8 months, but today she was on a roll making silly faces at herself in selfie mode and eager to pose for a photo or two! Plus, she looked absolutely adorable today! 😉 There are even a couple of videos of her (some of these are screenshots of that video) dancing and making faces at and talking to herself…The photos are too adorable not to share with you all!!

So here you go; photos of our sweet Rachel:

IMG_2531 IMG_2530

IMG_2529 IMG_2528

IMG_2527 IMG_2526

IMG_2525 IMG_2523

IMG_2520 IMG_2515

IMG_2514 IMG_2513