A New Brother…(In Christ)!…{continued}

Seeing God working in the lives of others is such a beautiful thing!! You may remember the story I blogged about a couple months ago (see: https://meganhensley98.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/a-new-brother-in-christ/ ), regarding having the opportunity to be with a young man named Ringson when he made the choice to give his life to the Lord. Ringson asked me all sorts of questions that day which really challenged me and made me think; but were good questions.

I was unable to attend last month’s Inshila meeting (which is also explained in the above link) so I sent a note with someone to give to Ringson saying I was praying for him, hoped he was doing well, and wondered if he had any other questions. He replied with a few questions for me and said God had really been working in his life in the last month! He didn’t say how, but just said God had been doing much in his life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see the person who had the reply letter for me until today. So I received his letter today and also saw him today. lol..

After the Inshila meeting was finished, I went and read Ringson’s letter and then found him to reply in person. 😉 We ended up basically continuing our discussion from last time…He asked me a new set of questions and we revisited old ones. Four (ish..) other boys were also standing around asking questions and listening to our conversation.

Ringson had written down all of the questions he wanted to ask me, but when I asked him where the list was, he said, “I forgot it…but I will bring it next time!” But this didn’t stop our discussion!

One of the other young men named Warren asked what he must do to become a Christian. I turned to Ringson and asked him if he wanted to answer. He and I tag-teamed to answer the question; and after answering Warren and other had more questions.

As a group, we discussed the role of baptism. We discussed whether or not a person can attain perfection. We discussed why God sometimes does and why God sometimes doesn’t reveal a reason for suffering. We revisited the topic of why God allows bad things to happen. We discussed speaking in tongues. We discussed who God is in a physical sense. We discussed whether or not salvation is open to all people. We discussed how God answers prayer. We discussed different scenarios and whether or not the person/people in the scenarios were making right or wrong choices…etc.

I don’t pretend to know the hearts of any of the young men standing there, but after asking Ringson, I have NO doubt God is truly Lord in his life!

I asked him how he has seen God working in his life over the past two months and he said, “I understand the Word much better! I will be reading and God will help me understand it now in a new way Being a Christian…It just feels different. Like, He lives in me and it’s feels so different. I have changed now. And I’m so happy God has done this in my life!”

Evidence of God revealing things about Scripture to him was clear because he referenced the Bible often in our discussion. He said, “I was reading somewhere this month…” and go on with sharing about a story or verse and ask a question about it or share what he was learning from it. He referenced SO many different stories with true insight into those stories!

I said to him, “You have been reading your Bible a lot haven’t you?”

Ringson: “YES! I have! I am much changed now…!” He continued on and talked about how he had been reading the story of Moses rescuing the Israelites and they had just crossed the Red Sea. He talked about God’s role in this incident in using a man, working through Moses, even in his weakness, to accomplish this miracle of rescuing His people and parting the Red Sea.

After sharing this he said, “Okay, so what happens next in the story!?”

Me: “Are you reading this story right now?”

Ringson: “Yes! It is the story I am reading just now…”

Me: “Then you should read the story to find out what happens!”

It was such a joy to see him SO passionate about reading God’s Word and understanding more about Him.

I also asked him if he had faced any challenges the last couple months. He responded, “Yes..MANY temptations! I will be somewhere doing what-and-what and someone will say, ‘hey come do this thing’ and I will have to say, ‘AH! Lord have mercy to help me!’ and walk away from that. There are SO many temptations that are challenging…But God has helped me to walk away and to say no.”

I encouraged him by saying how wonderful it was that he has sought the Lord for help in those times to say “no” and walk away from temptation. I also told him he wasn’t the only one who struggled with temptation. Everyone is faced with temptation and everyone falls into those temptations at some point; but God is always there to catch us when we fall. He will forgive us when we sincerely ask…He already has forgiven us.

As I was preparing to leave, I quickly asked Ringson how I could be praying for him. He said, “Pray for me that I will have more faith and that I will not do the things I’m tempted to do and that God will help me to be a better person!”

Two of the other boys standing around asked if they also could bring me a list of questions they had about God and His Word. One of them stays just near Wiphan and the other said he would bring his list to that boy. I told them of course they could bring me a list of questions! And I departed with the promise to pray for them and a promise from them to pray for me and bring me lists of questions…

I know I said this at the beginning, but I just have to say again what a joy it is to see other come into the family of Christ! To see someone who is truly desiring to serve the Lord and honor Him with his/her life! Ringson is the first person I have ever been privileged to witness come to the point of salvation and then see the fruit of that in his life, and it has brought be so much joy to see God’s work in his life!

God is doing amazing things in Ringson’s life…God is doing amazing things in my life…He can do amazing things in your life as well!