Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated by Brooklyn M. from Blue for the Sunshine Blogger award. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what this all means; but I was completely flattered and surprised to find I was nominated!! Thanks for thinking of me Brooklyn! =D

The rules state I must list seven facts about myself. So here goes! I’ll try to be a little creative. 😉

  1. Music is one of my passions! Wherever I am found, I’m usually either singing, playing guitar or piano, or listening to music…or many at once. 😉 A friend of my brothers once told me I sing more than I talk; and that’s saying something!
  2. I have a bright orange birthmark on the left side of my head just above my temple. It’s mostly covered by hair, but often when I pull my hair up it is visible.
  3. I HATE making my bed. Making my bed stresses me out. I’m a very analytical, logical thinker. So when I make my bed I try to do it with the least amount of walking back and forth from one side to another. However, I’m also a big perfectionist (and a bit OCD); therefore, wrinkles of any kind don’t settle well with me. So maybe I don’t want to walk back and forth to the sides of my bed, but if I see a wrinkle on the opposite side it can’t go unfixed. All this on top of the fact when I’m making my bed all I can think about is that I’ll be getting back in it within 20 hours so why make it? Okay, moving on…I think you get the idea
  4. I like being alone and in situations most people would find boring. I will talk to anyone and I talk way too much, but I often find myself spending down time simply sitting and thinking (while earbuds are in my ears). I’m a dreamer. I think up crazy scenarios and play them over in my head. Long car rides are fun to me! Whoo Hoo! 8 hours of nothing to do but relax, listen to music, and think! 😉
  5. I have never dated/courted before. I’m most certainly not opposed to dating/courting. My BIGGEST dream is to be a wife and mother one day. But as of yet, God hasn’t given me or my parents clarity that the right one has come along. I don’t see the point in dating someone unless marriage is the idea. (maybe I should write a whole blog post about this?)
  6. I enjoy butchering chickens. I know…I know…this is weird. But it’s true! I’m not saying i enjoy decapitating animals for the sake of seeing them flop around headless. I enjoy it because when I butcher chickens it makes me feel like I’m living back in the 1800’s and I’m really working HARD for a meal!! And I enjoy working. =)
  7. I am a hopeless sinner. Truly I am hopeless. All of my “good deeds” are like filthy rags. I am full of sin and deserving of death and an eternal life in Hell; in separation from God. But God, in His grace and mercy, sent His son Jesus (in essence, sent Himself) to take the punishment for my sins and wash me white as snow if I accept this gift. Salvation is a free, yet ever so costly gift. I am hopeless. But in Jesus Christ I found hope!
Here are the rules:
1. If you get nominated, make a post like this.
2. Give thanks to the blogger that gave the award to you.
3. Include the bright yellow picture in your post.
4. List seven facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 5 other bloggers that you respect and let them know by posting a comment on one of their posts.
So I will now nominate:
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