Article 1: 24/2/15

Hensley Family

My Family: Front from left: Cameron, Andy, Jack- Back from left: Me, Dad (Jason), Mom (Mandy), and Alex

Change is something everyone experiences……And I’d dare say everyone goes through some kind of large scale change at least once in their life time. Maybe that change is when one marries. Perhaps it is when one moves away from home. And possibly it’s something entirely different!

Well, for me, my first big change is moving to Zambia, Africa! My name is Megan Hensley. I’m 16 years old and belong to a family of seven. I’m the oldest and only girl in the family! My four younger brothers (Alex, Jackson, Anderson, and Cameron) range in age from 6-12. And my parents, Jason and Mandy, are the most amazing parents around!

Readers may be wondering how we have come to the decision to move to Zambia and why.

I can answer both questions with one answer: God has called us there.

My parents have both been to Ndola (the town where we will be living). My mom has been once, and my dad four times. The first time they went, they traveled together in 2010; along with other men from our church. My dad returned the following year, and soon felt this was where God was calling our family to be!

Since that time in 2011, we have been praying and waiting for God’s timing on when we should go. He has clearly shown us, now is that time. Our first flight leaves this coming Tuesday, March 3rd.With that said, our family is very busy making last minute preparations to leave!

While in Zambia, our family will be working with an organization called Wiphan Care Ministries. They took the “WI” from widows and the “PHAN” from orphans to form the name “Wiphan”. Their goal with this organization is to spread the gospel of Christ to widows and orphans of Ndola and the surrounding areas. Their mission statement says this: “Our mission is to equip widows and orphans for a productive life, offering hope to the hopeless through the love of Jesus Christ.” They feed and provide a Biblically based education for orphans on a daily basis. They also educate the widows in one of three different trades so they have a way to provide for their families. They work with over 500 orphans and around 200 widows. Our family will primarily be assisting and consulting with the entirely Zambian staff of Wiphan. We will also we discipling them in the Word of God so they may grow closer to Him!

As we prepare to leave, I look back on our family’s journey, and am amazed by the many things God has done to pave the way for our family to be able to go. He has provided my dad with a job which allows him to work from anywhere in the world. He has provided for us financially. He has provided wonderful friends and family who have gone out of their way to help us. (Just to name a few!)

As for my personal perspective on moving, I am very excited! I know that God has called my family to be there and so that is where I want to be! Admittedly, I struggle with leaving my family and friends who live here! I’ve lived in West Plains most of my life and so I have developed many strong relationships here! However, I know God is trustworthy! I know he has a plan for my life and the life of my family and friends!! So I can trust in Him! I also know that distance doesn’t affect true friendships!

As we prepare to leave, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for our family and the lovely people of Zambia! We know that God has a wonderful plan for our family and the people there.

The Quill will be publishing updates that I write at least every month or so. I hope you enjoy reading them and hearing about all the many things that God is going to do!

If you are interested in reading more about my family or Wiphan, you can go to these websites: or

~Megan Hensley


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