Wiphan Reference Guide

~this page is to serve as a guide for you as you read my blog posts in which I may talk about different programs, people, or Wiphan schools you may not know about. This page has a list of all these and their descriptions~

The Schools

Wiphan Nkwazi: the headquarters of the three schools; contains the *skills training facilities

Wiphan Mapalo: the second of the three schools located just near Nkwazi

Wiphan Kaloko/Westbourne: the third of Wiphan’s schools located about 20 minutes out of Ndola.

The Programs

Inshila: Wiphan’s schools are only for primary grades (1-7), so after graduating grade 7, students must go to public school to complete their secondary education. Inshila is the program which allows these children to be sponsored by Wiphan while they complete grades 8-12. These students gather at Wiphan once a month so Wiphan’s staff can check on them and their welfare; and also encourage them in Christ. (I have a lot of memorable moments from these meetings.

>*Skills Training

Keyboarding: one of three skills training programs available to widows and orphans (Taught by Mr. Jeff)

  1. Data Entry: an employment possibility for people who have graduated keyboarding. These employees work on Wiphan Nkwazi’s campus for a company based in the U.S. ( am friends with many of the ladies in this program)(Led by Mr. Cuthbert)

Hospitality: the second of three skills training programs also available to widows and orphans where they are taught the basics of how to work in a lodge or restaurant and even how to cater. This program takes a total of one year to complete: 9 months of in class training; then 3 months of internships across Zambia before returning to Wiphan for exams. (Many of my best friends are in this class) (Taught by Madam Getrude)

Jewelry Making: the third of three skills training programs. This program is only available to widows and it is a program designed to educate widows in making jewelry from paper forming the most beautiful necklaces! (Taught by Mr. Justin)

The People (this is not a list of everyone. Only the people I frequently reference on my blog)

Pastor Aaron: the pastor over Wiphan Mapalo and Wiphan Nkwazi…he also does a lot of odd jobs and is one of the funnest, most energetic people you’ll ever meet!

Mamma Monica: the grandmotherly cook at Wiphan Nkwazi

Mamma Jackie: the cook at Wiphan Mapalo

Mr. Kelvin: head teacher at Wiphan Mapalo

Madam Mubanga: teacher at Wiphan Mapalo…I love to spend time with her and Mr. Kelvin! We laugh so much!!!

Ringson and Luke: two boys in the Inshila program I’ve had a lot of discussions with about Christ, the Bible, and what it means to be a Christian.

~Here is a link to Wiphan’s website if you’d like to learn more about them and their ministry: http://www.wiphan.org/