Captured Memories

Here are some snapshots from the last few days!! It’s been such a full week, but I thought I would rather share many photos with you that speak a thousand words apiece than write a few words of my own. 😉


God put a gorgeous double-rainbow in the sky yesterday!! (the second one is faint)

Funny Face Wiphan

After taking the photo in the lower-left corner where Dad and Mary are making funny faces, Mom had the idea to do a “Funny Face Day” at Wiphan. Everyone who came into the office was asked to put on their best funny face! Photo Credits: Mom














I had fun with these sweet friends at Wiphan Nkwazi the other day before their classes began. We chased each other all over the place and if I managed to catch them, they received a hug before being set free. 😉 haha! The two boys in the photo on the right are Davis (left) and Francis.

Bright and Noris. Two boys with adorable little faces and personalities! =)


If someone were to be nominated the “King of Cuteness” I think little Abraham would win for sure! ❤ This is probably one of my favorite pictures…


Cleopatra, Davison, and Luke all passed their grade 9 exams and are now moving on to grade 10!! So excited for them!! In the photo on the right, Davison is exhibiting his artistic skills in one of Wiphan’s classrooms during break time. =)

Jump rope game thing

I enjoyed spending time with all these girls today! I’m not sure the name of the game, but it’s a common game here that’s a more difficult and specific version of jump-rope! haha..I’m not very good at it, but I had fun anyway. 😉 As I was about to leave, I went to put my shoes back on, but before I could Elizabeth (one of the girls) grabbed my shoes and it turned into a second game of “see how long we can keep Megan’s shoes from her” LOL!! We had so much fun! XD


Pastor Aaron swinging on the tire swing when he came to visit our house! XD haha! Photo Cred: Mom


Mom just LOVES the ladies at the jewelry stand!! And here she’s working on collecting an order of necklaces. Isn’t she so pretty in this picture?? XD

Left Photo: Some awesome friends at Mapalo who helped me with my Bemba today…and who I helped with English! XD Seen here are Blessing, Paul, Paul #2 (hehe), Nelson, Benedict, and I unfortunately do not know the other boy. =P

Right Photo: Class at Wiphan Mapalo! XD Photo Cred: Mom


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