To God Be the Glory!

Hello everyone~

I’m so excited that I now have this blog up and running! My hope is to be able to share with you many of the details of my day-to-day life here in Zambia (and who knows where else in the future!). God is indescribable, but I want to give you all a little piece of what he is doing in my ordinary life. This blog isn’t about me…Sure, I’ll be sharing funny stories and things that make me smile or cry..but when you read what I have to say, I want you all to see what God has done! God has allowed me to be here and to experience all the different aspects of life here; and I want to share those with all of you! To God be the glory!!


3 thoughts on “To God Be the Glory!

  1. Megan, I just read your blog from the beginning to the end and I was incredibly blessed. You are learning lessons that I am still learning. God is doing an amazing work in your life and you share it so beautifully. I love you, Mrs. Jackie

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    • That’s super sweet of you Mrs. Jackie! I’m grateful to the Lord for teaching me these things, though it’s only by His grace that I am learning! And I have learned much from you during time I was able to spend with you! Thanks for being such a great example! Love you and miss you also Mrs. Jackie!


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